Welcome to my electronic recipe box! As you probably figured, my name is Kathy and this blog was inspired by my mom (hi mom!). She used to keep this overflowing little recipe box with all of her go-to recipes in it. You know, the old style index cards with the recipes written out by hand. She’d have little scribbles in the margins of these cards to adjust the seasoning portions (always to add more!), or cooking notes. These splattered and stained little gems fed her large family over the years and when I got older and got out on my own, I had my own system. A blank, but lined, hard-bound book. I pasted tabs to pages to create sections and slowly filled it out throughout my 20s…and my 30s. I still have it, and it is by no means full, but with all the great recipes I was finding online, there was no way I was going to hand copy them all into that book. With my bookmarked recipes getting out of control, I realized it was time to modernize. Thus, the birth of this blog — my online, searchable recipe box.

The recipes here are particular to my style of cooking — I would call it cooking flavorful food (hopefully!) with a limited amount of fuss. I simply don’t bother to try recipes that have mountains of ingredients or 8 sections of directions each with 10 steps. There are some exceptions in here, but they are here because they’re worth it — especially for the occasional special meal.

Questions and feedback are always welcome. Enjoy!!

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