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Sourdough Bread

I’m just going to say it… Best. Bread. Ever. Okay, so that might be stretching it a teensy bit, but it is hands down the best bread I’ve ever made. And, I’ve been making bread ever since Crazy Karl taught me how almost 20 years ago now. Since he inducted me into the wonderful world …

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Not quite 5-minute bread

  I saw this recipe for 5-minute bread and was skeptical. I thought, ‘5-minute bread? Is that even possible?’ I mean, it would be wonderful if it were true, right? So, I gave it a try. And, while you don’t just mix up the ingredients and shove it in the oven in 5 minutes (because …

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Pesto, two ways

  Yep. I guess it’s about time to start putting food up for the winter. A bunch of my basil plants were on their way out so…pesto! One of these recipes is traditional pesto, but without the cheese. I make it often and never miss the cheese — super yummy! The other recipe, roasted red …

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Growing up in Connecticut, I wasn’t exactly exposed to biscuits. I don’t recall my mom ever making them and I definitely never got them when we ate out. In true northeastern style, it was a bagels and italian bread sort of place. An then, in my 20s, I dated a boy from the south.

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Any berry muffins

I did it! After five days of intense writing, I finished the written part of my preliminary exams. Given the months of studying, not eating as healthy as I would have liked, and fitting in exercise only here and there, I had been looking forward to having more time to take care of myself. 

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Herb Flatbread

Last summer I had more herbs from my garden than I knew what to do with and I would have made this recipe all the time if I had come across it then. Even though it involves making dough, it is surprisingly simple and can easily be adapted to a more traditional pizza with some …