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Miso tofu bowls

This is a great recipe to make a large batch of and eat throughout the week. I will typically prep all the ingredients on a Sunday, store them in separate containers and then assemble the bowls for a quick lunch. 


Apple Pie

  We went apple picking last weekend and are still swimming in Cortlands. We’ve made apple butter, apple chips, apple crisp, but the apple pie — that was the stand out crowd pleaser. When I was looking for a recipe, I rummaged through a bunch of more complicated approaches online (sautéing the apples first, then letting them cool; …


Mom’s pumpkin bread plus a bonus recipe (with chocolate!)

Yes, I know, it is the season of all things pumpkin and you need another pumpkin recipe like you need a hole in your head. But, let me tell you something. My mom’s pumpkin bread is soft yummy deliciousness at its best. I brought two loaves of this bread to my in-laws for the holidays …


Not your every day banana bread

Consider your days of boring banana bread over! This recipe adds an incredibly yummy maple sugar glaze to the top of a not-so-ordinary loaf. Not-so-ordinary because the bread has rum in it! Yep, boozy banana bread to the rescue! Of course, it does add an extra couple steps to your basic banana bread making, but …

Breads and Spreads Other Vegetarian

Not quite 5-minute bread

  I saw this recipe for 5-minute bread and was skeptical. I thought, ‘5-minute bread? Is that even possible?’ I mean, it would be wonderful if it were true, right? So, I gave it a try. And, while you don’t just mix up the ingredients and shove it in the oven in 5 minutes (because …