Orange Splash

orange splash

It was quite a month. We moved out of our home of 6 years, crammed everything into a 10×15′ storage unit, closed on the home sale, camped out at my PhD adviser’s house for 2 weeks while we were homeless, flew to Ohio for Tom’s family reunion, flew back, and then had that said storage unit dumped on us at our new apartment.   We had planned for all this, somehow. We even drew up flow charts to keep track of  our stuff, our cats, our cars, and ourselves as we jockeyed from place to place. I like flow charts. But our move-in date coincided with a heat wave that had us running to Home Depot that first day to get an AC unit for our bedroom — from then on called the ‘panic room’ — a safe haven for us and the cats to avoid the 100+ temps. Needless to say, as I unpacked 2 large bottles of vodka I didn’t realize we packed and moved with us (why?), I immediately began to think of making an ice-cold summery drink. Because, after all that, we darn well earned a fruity drink. A quick internet search with the limited ingredients we had on hand produced this one — and its a keeper.

Make lots, you’ll want more.

Orange Splash Cocktail
Serves 2
  1. 4 ounces Absolut Citron vodka (normal old vodka will work just fine)
  2. 2 ounce Cointreau or triple sec
  3. Juice of one lime
  4. A healthy splash of orange juice
  5. Seltzer water, to taste
  6. Orange slice, for garnish (optionally fancy)
  1. Pour all ingredients over ice in a shaker or large glass and mix. Add more seltzer or OJ to your liking. Serve on the rocks and garnish with an orange slice.
Adapted from Shane Bachelor of Bar Twenty3, Nashville at Delish.com
Adapted from Shane Bachelor of Bar Twenty3, Nashville at Delish.com
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