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Pan-seared tilapia with chile lime butter

Its hard trying to figure out what to buy nowadays when it comes to meats. Is it filled with hormones? Is it really free range? Will I contribute to the demise of the species if I eat it — or the demise of another species through bycatch? Was the beef grazed on already-overgrazed federal lands …

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Tomato Zucchini Tart

Drowning in tomatoes, zucchini, and basil? Then make this!! It’s a lazy end-of-summer tart, with a flavor that’s so fresh, bright, and full, you’ll forget how easy it was to make. I know this sounds too good to be true, but trust me — after my first bite, I was kind of in love.   


Risotto with spicy sausage

 We’ve all been there. Living in that apartment that has layers of other people’s lives on it. The not quite clean, or clean-able windowsills, the layers of dust in the basement that no one has laid a broom to in eons, the smudgy doorhandles. These things could be overlooked when noticed (or not) from a …


Blackened Steak Salad

This recipe is always a winner at our house. Its a salad with steak and blue cheese (yum!). Not the healthiest of salads I’ll admit, but the combination of spicy meat, creamy blue cheese and crisp veggies makes my taste buds really happy. Plus, its easy and quick and can be thrown together in under 20 …

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Herb Flatbread

Last summer I had more herbs from my garden than I knew what to do with and I would have made this recipe all the time if I had come across it then. Even though it involves making dough, it is surprisingly simple and can easily be adapted to a more traditional pizza with some …

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Thai skewer showdown (and Thai cucumber salad)

There was a concern about too much sugar, a concern about spiciness, and a bigger concern about having never made Thai skewers before that led to the showdown. We (meaning my sister Claudia, Tom and I ) decided to grill up some Thai skewers to go with our Thai peanut noodles for our dinner night …

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Thai Peanut Noodles

  My biannual Marieb family reunion is coming up in a couple weeks. It’s tradition for each sub-family unit to take a night throughout the week to cook dinner for everyone. Those of us who haven’t bred are considered one of those sub-families and so it’s my sister, Claudia, Tom and I who are responsible …


Lemonade and Lemonjito

So, here’s the situation: prolonged heat wave over the entire east coast. Tom told me this morning that the weather had gone funky. Climate patterns, instead of moving from west to east, as is the norm and something we’ve come to rely on, are moving the other way. If that’s not creepy enough, here are …

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Orzo Citrus Salad

So, two days before Memorial Day, we finished watching Season 10 of Top Chef. After a crazy semester of school, getting our house ship shape to put on the market, and training for a half marathon, I felt my mojo for cooking had waned. I slapped together meals just so I could put much needed …


Orange Splash

It was quite a month. We moved out of our home of 6 years, crammed everything into a 10×15′ storage unit, closed on the home sale, camped out at my PhD adviser’s house for 2 weeks while we were homeless, flew to Ohio for Tom’s family reunion, flew back, and then had that said storage …